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Of Rye and Radishes

Rye in my garden This morning looking out at my garden, I noticed that the rye was ripening in the paisley bed near the elephant. How did that happen? Just yesterday I had pulled out the maple syrup taps from … Continue reading

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“To V. or not to V.” The 3rd Act

The invitation to my birthday party read,               “To v. or not to v.?” That is the question. Come to a birthday party to celebrate my birth, rebirth and the birth of William Shakespeare. I’ll supply the Elizabethan feast, please supply … Continue reading

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Sow to Sew

 Last year my boulevard garden yielded, as far as I know, 100% of Canada’s cotton crop. Continuing my quest to  live off the land in the city and grow “wearables” not just edibles, it was time to plant this year’s … Continue reading

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Palm Beach Hedge Fund

    In midieval San Gimignano tall towers were the symbol of wealth and power. Eventually there were 72 such structures rising ever higher in this Tuscan hilltop village. Today few still remain. In Palm Beach, Florida such symbols are thriving and are indeed literally living … Continue reading

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Vivian Ssier Painter

        If only I had a last name that sounded fabulous spelled backwards. Arnold Issacs had such luck. In 1954 he was commissioned to create 10 dresses for a General Motors magazine ad. He charged $1,000 per dress, a vast sum … Continue reading

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