On the Boulevard: My Front Chard

One of the most beautiful, healthy and delicious parts of my garden is my “front chard”. It grows  between the sidewalk and the road on a patch about  140 square feet ,which is about the size of a large Tokyo apartment or a very small Florida walk-in closet. Well, you can’t live in it, but you can certainly live on it, as one of the larger 3 feet leaves could easily feed a family of four. Similarly, you couldn’t store your designer clothes in it but no Milanese couturier textile designer could come up with a fabric with such rich jewel like colors and a texture of beautiful ruching and semi transparency. When the shine shines through it, it looks like stained glass and water droplets look like sequins.

Few walk down the street without stopping to admire it. Most people ask if it is rhubarb but plantophiles know its real identity; Rainbow Chard.

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