Aujourd’hui “Christina” est arrivee en France!

'Christina" oil on canvas, 42x54 inches by Vivian Reiss 2010

 Early this Spring a very stylish and beautiful woman came to my studio to buy a painting.Her name is Christina. As we looked through some of my portraits her equally stylish and handsome husband asked if I could do his wife’s portrait. Thus began the painting you see today.

The next day when Christina arrived at my studio she brought an assortment of traveling clothes. They live in London and the Cote D’azur. The painting was destined for their home overlooking the Mediterranean where it a Max Ernst would be taken down and replaced by my portrait! Usually when people sit for a portrait, I ask them to bring an object that has meaning to them. One was the mammoth ring in the shape of an owl  that Christina had designed and then she suggested that white tulips were her favorite flower and could form the background of her painting. More than that, the tulip shape is the  main compositional  element. Observe how you can find it in her dress, hair, body and physical presence.

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