Palm Beach Hedge Fund

Typical tower fortress hedge, Palm Beach


  In midieval San Gimignano tall towers were the symbol of wealth and power. Eventually there were 72 such structures rising ever higher in this Tuscan hilltop village. Today few still remain. In Palm Beach, Florida such symbols are thriving and are indeed literally living testaments to it’s denizens modern day power and wealth. Let me introduce you to the Palm Beach hedge. Palm Beach has wisely ensured that it’s essential character be preserved by imposing a height limit on it’s mansions. The only way to be taller than your neighbors is in its distinctive hedge culture. Do Palm Beachers think that hedge fund is a gardening term?  

 In a tropical climate, such as Florida’s, foliage growth is rapid and it is indeed a testament to your financial prowess that you can afford gardeners with  20 foot ladders to keep the growth in check. [the ficus benjaminis growth not the other green stuff]     

Palm Beach hedge


Typical streetscape


  Palm Beach might also be known as ” The Giant Topiary Capital of the World.”

Recipe; Topiary Palm Beach Steak  

Go to the most expensive butcher you can find and purchase the costliest dry aged steak that is available. Emulate the hedge shapers and trim, trim, trim the steak until you are left with the tenderest part of the steak; about a one inch cube. Discard the trimmings. Melt a nugget of “plus gras” butter in a copper sauteing pan. Quickly sear the steak and when rare place on a serving plate. Deglaze the pan with a splash of the oldest and most coveted single malt whiskey that is available. Pour in a neat puddle on the steak and garnish with freshly shorn micro salad greens. Serve.   A variation can be made by trimming a fresh lobster until a most succulent one inch piece is left of the tail, discarding the rest. Proceed as in the recipe for the beef. Caviar is not suitable for this recipe as trimming the eggs ruins the integrity of the roe.

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