Rouge gallery of tomatoes and a couple of jaune ones too!

Today on my office rooftop garden  at there were at least 22 varieties of tomatoes ripening.We have a total of 57  different varieties of heritage tomatoes.

 Photos from left to right: Hawaiian Pineapple, Crynkovic Yugoslavian, Anna Russian, Abe Lincoln, Stupice, Black Russian, Wapiscon Peach, Black from Tula, Tondose des Conores, Spoon, Speckled Peach, Orange Banana, Orange Strawberry, Thai Pink Eggs,Feuerwerk, Clint Eastwood, Watermelon Beefsteak, Florida Pink, White Rabbit, group photo: Purple Cherokee, Watermelon Beefsteak, Stupice 

  In Perspective a Watermelon Beefsteak Tomato

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