Fleeting Summer, Breakfast in a Flash

Sliced tomatoes, purple shiso, purple basil, sliced burgundy pole beans,  and chives from my urban farm just outside the kitchen door

 One of my favorite cookbooks is Edward de Pomiane’s cookbook ,”Cooking  in 10 Minutes”[ first published in 1948] I love it, not so much for the recipes, but for the theory that a delicious meal could be prepared in ten minutes.The first thing he advised doing when entering the kitchen is to put on a pot of water to boil, as bringing water to a boil took the longest of the processes he proscribed. He should know. Edward de Pomiane was a scientist and before molecular gastronomy was popular ,often described the chemical reactions in food preparation.

This morning I bested his ten minutes. I simply walked out the kitchen door into the garden.I picked tomatoes, basil, shiso, purple pole beans and chives.Back in the kitchen I sliced and layered the ingredients, sprinkling them with sea salt and olive oil et voila! Breakfast in minutes.

Luckily, I had heeded his advice and had put on a kettle of water to boil. I picked some chocolate mint, lemon verbena, and a few scented geranum leaves, crammed them in a carafe, and poured boiling water over them . Instant breakfast herbed tea!

De Pomiane’s cookbook is subtitled,

‘ The Adaptation to the Rhythm of our Time” What is more fitting for our fleeting  Summer than breakfast in a flash?

herb tea in the garden

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