Tomato tasting: the remains of the day

preparing tomato salad with the remains of the tasting

When the tasting was over we sent some guests home with tomatoes and cut up the rest for salad.The method is quite simple. If you have different kinds of tomatoes the salad will be more colorful but even with just red tomatoes the salad will look beautiful and taste delicious. When you have cut up the tomatoes in the desired size, tear up basil with your hands. We used “Lettuce Leaf “and “Purple Ruffles”  basil which we had growing in a container on the roof . Sprinkle with sea salt and olive oil to taste and serve. We refrigerated the salad overnight and contrary to the adage,” never refrigerate tomatoes,” they were delicious and refreshing the next day. I left heaping cupfuls in the lobby of with a sign “please help yourself to organic tomato salad grown on our roof .”  

The tenants that hadn’t made it to the tasting were delighted.

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