Another Sensational Recital by Joel Garten

beautiful music was made by this brush

Joel in concert

Joel’s recital was a huge success. As each concert is improv and an aural experience not to be repeated each member of the audience was swept away into the creativity of the emotionally moving music . We were all aware we were on a musical journey,a unique listening experience.  Videographer  Dan Goodbaum, thanked Joel “for putting me in an inspired state.” Inspired we all were. Bravo!

Joel’s website     Joel’s Blog     Joel’s Myspace page

playing inside the piano

playing inside the piano with gamelon mallets

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One Response to Another Sensational Recital by Joel Garten

  1. Dear Joel

    You may not remember your tap dance teacher. I am thrilled that you have chosen the arts, and rather successfully!

    I no longer teach, having been diagnosed with a movement disorder, Dystonia. Great for a dancer! In 2006 I underwent Deep Brain Stimulation at TWH and it has improved my mobility considerably. I now am an advocate for this painful disorder and do a number of awareness raising events. It is not widely known, however it is the third largest movement disorder in North America. If interested, check out the articles on my condition. william orlowski dystonia.

    All the best

    Your former tap dance teacher Bill O

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