July 1 , Canada Day

Sunrise over Stoney Lake , July 1 2010

When I sent this photo out to friends as a Canada Day greeting, I recieved this inspiring response from writer Helen Lovekin.

Thank-you so much, darling Vivenka!

Its true: I love Canada.  It allows its citizens to have patriotism without nationalism, we dare to be a work-in-progress, and we have a curious respect for the past when planning for the future.

It is true that we don’t do fame + glamour well, but artists can follow their paths in peace and relative comfort and get respect if not celebrity; its true that we react to the sheer expanse of the country by sometimes obsessively nit-picking (we’re working on that); its true that we could be better stewards of our natural patriomony.

But every single day I am made aware of our great good fortune to live here, to have the bounty and security and quirkiness that Canada affords.

Thank-you all for being such creative people.  Everything you share makes this a better country and inspires more Canadians to be proud of their opportunity to celebrate July 1st.

"Portrait of Helen and Pam" oil on canvas 44" x 59" by Vivian Reiss

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