One Hot Tomato!

Peach tomatoes on the roof at 124 Merton Street

This article alludes to our tomatoes at

Mintz: A funny bone with no meat on it

At the Rivoli, for the Sunday night Laugh Sabbath event that was supposed to be hosted by Kathleen Phillips, I found a woman on stage named Brenda Carhart-Carmichael.

You can view this story at:–mintz-a-funny-bone-with-no-meat-on-it

This one reveals me as one hot tomato Mama!

Getting one up on the ultimate foodie

If Toronto is looking for ways to generate revenue, we need to position speed traps near Josh Josephson’s house. Because when he shows up for dinner, having forgotten wine, he rushes from Chinatown to Rosedale and back in the time it takes me to heat up soup.

You can view this story at:–getting-one-up-on-the-ultimate-foodie

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